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CleverCLEAN for kitchen

CleverCLEAN for kitchen protection

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100g bottle in box CleverCLEAN for kitchen. Bar code: 4742692000505
  • 100g bottles in box
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Please contact with us about price bid for CleverCLEAN for kitchen beginning from 2 x 50 (100 units) in two standard cartons or 1 x 25kg plastic canister.

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CleverCLEAN for kitchen User Manual

To achieve the product's full effect, surface washing by a suitable detergent is recommended.
It is to be followed by distributing the product on the surface by same cloth.
When coating by product, please follow the user manual.

Product has 3g/m2 consumption

We pay your attention for extremely low consumption of easy to clean and nano protective polish products – 3g/m2. It means that surface is wiped with easy wetted cloth without spray product in sufficiently. Residual quantity of a product in surface always is same – about 1g/m2. It is not depended from initial quantity. Only product’s losses are increasing if rise spending of initial quantity. So 3g/m2 is already included reasonable wastes.

User manual for nano protective polish product.1 step

Shake the bottle before use. Little wet terry cloth with product Cloth.Terry without excess. Close cap after use.

User manual for nano protective polish product.2 step

Evenly distribute the product on dry surface by Cloth.Terry.

User manual for nano protective polish product.3 step

Wait 3-5 min.

User manual for nano protective polish product.4 step

Remove exceed the product by same terrycloth.

User manual for nano protective polish product.5 step

Polish by plain cloth Cloth.Polish the surface.

User manual for nano protective polish product.6 step

Don’t expose the surface by rain or by action with wet cloth about 1,5-2 hours. Protective surface is obtained the best protection in 12 hours after coating.

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Main information about nanotech easy to clean product CleverCLEAN for kitchen

  • Consumption: 3g/m2;
  • Lasting effect: 1 month;
  • Keeping time: 3 years from date of manufacture (in packing);
  • Labels in three languages: English, Estonian, Russian;
  • Order customized labels is beginning from 500 units min. per product.

Packing of the nanotech easy to clean product CleverClean for kitchen

Product is packed in 100g bottle in box.

50 bottles in carton;
Carton's size: 31cm x 22cm x 27cm
Carton's gross weight: 7.00kg

Pallet: 90 cartons/4500 bottles
Pallet's gross/net weight: 630kg/655kg
Pallet's size: 100cm x 120cm x 180cm


CleverCLEAN for kitchen: protective and shine kitchen coating

CleverCLEAN for kitchen. Protected steel sink 1

Universal nanotechnology safe coating designed for ceramic, glass, metal, plastic work kitchen surfaces and for protection the stove plate.

The product creates both clean easy water and oil resistant shine kitchen surfaces. Product is eco smart. One part of CleverCLEAN for kitchen substitutes ten parts of conventional chemicals applied in household use. It also helps and allows you to cut down on common cleaning chemicals (which are often dangerous and hazardous) at least in ten times.

CleverCLEAN for kitchen creates environment surfaces on which bacteria and microbes cannot habitat – spreading of various infections is blocked.

CleverCLEAN for kitchen. Protected steel sink 2

No scrapers and chemicals are needed to keep the surfaces ideal. It quickly restores original deep color and shine of the surfaces in the kitchen area.

Protected with CleverCLEAN stove plate surfaces exhibit non-stick (up to 300 C) and also grease repellent properties. No scrapers and chemicals are needed to keep the stove plate in perfect condition. Used for all kinds of kitchen surfaces, refrigeration and kitchen equipment.

Consumption: 3g/m2 (one bottle is enough to cover 30–40m 2).

Surface pre-preparation:

CleverCLEAN for kitchen. Protected stove plate 1

To achieve the full shine and protection, it is recommended to clean the surface with a suitable detergent and follow the user manual.

Coated surfaces:
CleverCLEAN for kitchen. Protected stove plate 2

Easy coating and polishing
Easy to clean grease, protein and other insoluble impurities without chemicals and abrasive agents.
Develop anti-stick properties
Develop also hydrophobic properties.
Attractive surface configuration.
Exhibit antibacterial properties.

CleverCLEAN for kitchen. Protecting microwave oven

Thick milky liquid, with pleasant odor.
No aggressive substances.
Neutral to skin.