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CleverCLEAN PRO for window

Professional glass and window  cleaning

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450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window. Bar code: 4742692000703
  • 450g bottle
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Please contact with us about price bid for CleverCLEAN PRO for window beginning from 20 units in one standard cartons or 1 x 25kg plastic canister.

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450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window User Manual

To achieve the product's full effect, surface washing by a suitable detergent is recommended.
It is to be followed by distributing the product on the surface by same cloth.
When coating by product, please follow the user manual.

Product has 3g/m2 consumption

We pay your attention for extremely low consumption of easy to clean and nano protective polish products – 3g/m2. It means that surface is wiped with easy wetted cloth without spray product in sufficiently. Residual quantity of a product in surface always is same – about 1g/m2. It is not depended from initial quantity. Only product’s losses are increasing if rise spending of initial quantity. So 3g/m2 is already included reasonable wastes.

User manual for nano protective polish product.1 step

Shake the bottle before use. Little wet terry cloth with product Cloth.Terry without excess. Close cap after use.

User manual for nano protective polish product.2 step

Evenly distribute the product on dry surface by Cloth.Terry.

User manual for nano protective polish product.3 step

Wait 3-5 min.

User manual for nano protective polish product.4 step

Remove exceed the product by same terrycloth.

User manual for nano protective polish product.5 step

Polish by plain cloth Cloth.Polish the surface.

User manual for nano protective polish product.6 step

Protective surface is obtained the best protection in 8 hours after coating.

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Main information about nanotech easy to clean protective product CleverCLEAN PRO for window

  • Consumption: 3g/m2;
  • Lasting effect: 6 months min.;
  • Keeping time: 3 years from date of manufacture (in packing);
  • Labels in three languages: English, Estonian, Russian;
  • Order customized labels is beginning from 500 units min. per product.

Packing of the nanotech easy to clean protective product CleverCLEAN PRO for window

Product is packed in 450g bottle.

20 bottles in carton;
Carton's size: 36cm х 26cm х 26cm
Carton's gross weight: 12.30kg

Pallet: 72 cartons/1728 bottles
Pallet's size: 100cm x 120cm x 195cm
Pallet's gross/net weight: 886kg/911kg


CleverCLEAN PRO for window – boost your cleaning business in eco-friendly way

450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window. Protecting window glass 450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window. Protecting window glass

No effort window cleaning system for glass doors, new or old public or residential windows, glass walls, office interior details, industrial windows, roof glass, glass panels and all other glass surfaces. Glass polish CleverCLEAN PRO for window maximizes your work in minimal labor and minimal costs.

Window washing was never been easier. This professional window polish product makes treated glass and windows hydrophobic and dirt-repellent. No special conditions are needed to apply, may be used in wintertime and slushy season.

450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window. Protecting window glass

Treated glass becomes protected and obtains self-clean properties. The product consist special particles that decomposes organic pollution when exposed to sunlight. As pieces of dirt and grime cannot adhere to protected window glass, all surfaces are washed clean by rain droplets. This “lotus effect” works excellently and guarantees you clean window glass for the long time.

Apart from protection, treated clean windows are also enhanced to better optical properties and better transparency of a glass. nanoFormula Factory eco-smart glass cleaning system fills all micro cracks and glass scratches on the surface; your windows and viewports are always crystal clean.

450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window. Protecting window glass

Offer your clients the best service available! This eco glass cleaner and protection product consumption is extremely low - only 3 grams per square meter! Use of common cleaning agents and detergents can be effectively reduced at least 90%. Care about our surrounding environment and offer your clients truly green cleaning.

Be smart- eco-smart.


450g CleverCLEAN PRO for window. Polishing display

Viscous milky liquid, with pleasant odor.
Exhibits excellent adhesion to window glass, painted metal and plastic.
To achieve the full protective effect, preliminary surface washing is recommended by using a suitable detergent.
Protective coating also prevents fogging resultant from acidic and alkali exposure induced by environmental impacts (for example, car exhaust gas). The product has been well proven protecting glass in shower cubicles and similar areas.
Treated surfaces are easy to keep in excellent conditions with minimal labor consumption. It is sufficient to just wipe the surface with a cloth. If required, the product is reapplied to the surface.