Nanoformula™ Factory

Eco cleaning of Public Catering

Nanotech for business cleaning,catering

Professional Easy-To-Clean coating for public catering

Café, restaurants, food industry

A Public catering need in special attention to cleanness, therefore catering cleaning must be maximum safe and professional. Exactly same solution to this problem is provided by Easy-To-Clean protective coating from the nanoFormula factory.

CleverCLEAN PRO for building facades

CleverCLEAN PRO for window

CleverCLEAN PRO for public places

CleverCLEAN PRO for kitchen

CleverCLEAN PRO for ceramics and sanitary ware

These products allow reduce usual chemicals in 40-100 times and at the same time have an excellent results and long post-delivery cleaned effect. It is also important for medical and children public catering.

Regular usage of these products saves expenditures in 2-7 times.