Nanoformula™ Factory

Eco cleaning for Public places

Nanotech for cleaning for Public places

Thorough and daily cleaning of public places


labor cost and special cleaning chemical cost may be reduced in several times if using the following Easy-To-Clean protective coatings:

CleverCLEAN PRO for building facades

CleverCLEAN PRO for window

CleverCLEAN PRO for public places

CleverCLEAN PRO for kitchen

CleverCLEAN PRO for ceramics and sanitary ware


general and daily cleaning of hotels (rooms, halls, and around hotels territory).
cleaning of hospitals, clinics and other
general cleaning of cinemas, bowling alleys, trade and business centers
school cleaning
airport and railway station cleaning
train, railway cars and train yard cleaning
cleaning of aircrafts, boats and yachts
cleaning car garages
professional cleaning of buildings (block of flats and cottages)
cleaning metro stations, escalators