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CleverCOAT set for car

  • Retail price in Internet-shop for 3 x 100g Nanoformula CleverCOAT set:
  • Unit price: €14.60
    New price: €13.70
  • Wholesale prices: beginning from 200 sets
  • Features
    • Consumption: 3g/m2;
    • Keeping time: 3 years from date of manufacture (in packing);
    • Labels in three languages: English, Estonian, Russian;
    • Order customized labels is beginning from 500 units min. per product.

Packing of the car care full nanotech protective set

    • 24 sets (disassembled) in carton;
    • Carton's size: 44cm x 32cm х 30cm
    • Carton's gross weight : 11.40kg
    • Pallet: 40 cartons/960 sets
    • Pallet's size: 120cm x 100cm x 175cm
    • Pallet's gross/net weight: 456kg/481kg


Universal all season car valeting products CleverCOAT set based on nanotechnology

All nano protective car polish products – for car exterior, car glass, car interior was developed for North Countries and may be applied under any outdoor temperature. Protected coating has long lasting effect. All products are applicable without special appliance for wide car driver and warrant reliable protection of a car from unwanted effect of the outside factors. They are serious extending working time of a car.

  • CleverCOAT for car glass - product for polish and protection car glass:
    • Protective nano polish product in any season
    • Easy to apply and polish. Not necessary use special appliances or condition.
    • By virtue of unique formula a product can remedy the glass defects.
    • There is dirt and water repellent coating is created in protected car glass. To carry a glass in ideal condition enough only cloth.
    • Protected car glass is self-cleaned when driving to allow easy car dive (rain - away)
    • This nano technological polish product protects from visibility deterioration and safe driving.
  • CleverCOAT for car exterior - for car polish and protect car body, wheel disks and other parts of a car exterior. New innovative way for car care:
    • Protective car polish product based on nanotechnology.
    • Easy coated and protectively polish without special condition and appliance.
    • Efficiently resists to aggressive factors effects to painted part of a car body such as salt’s corrosion and abrasive ( sand, mud and so on).
    • Easy shine effect
    • Refresh car color, cure little scratches on painted car body parts
    • Keeps car exterior surfaces long time in an excellent condition.
    • Protects the surfaces and makes easy following car care: applying only by dry or wet cloth with water or nanoformula car cleaner is enough. Spending of labor and time is minimal.
    • Treated surface becomes self-cleaning when driving (Lotus effect).
    • Applicable for North Countries and all season.
    • Can be applied for any age and any brand cars.
  • CleverCOAT car interior - innovative coating for car interior care based on nanotechnology:
    • Protective nano polish product for clean and polish of a car interior (plastic, metal and rubber).
    • Easy coated and safe polish without special condition and appliance.
    • Volatile matter free, safe
    • Product creates a protective coating where under it aerobic microbes are perished.
    • As treated surface develops hydrophobic property a moisture collection is difficult and it prevents a contagion.
    • Restore surface shine and makes long working time of car interior parts from plastic, metal and rubber.
    • Safe for environment car polish product screens the surfaces against UV dilapidating effects.
    • Cures little scratches on surfaces
    • It may be used as lock’s unfreezing product
    • Has long lasting effect