Nanoformula microfiber cloths set

  • Retail price in Internet-shop for 2 x 30 x 30cm Nanoformula Cloths set:
  • Price: €1.88 (currently not present in warehouse)
  • Wholesale prices: beginning from 50 sets

Packing of the Nanoformula.Microfiber.Cloths set

  • Nanoformula.Microfiber.Cloths set
  • 30 x 30cm two cloths set with color card:
    • 60 sets in carton;
    • Carton's size: 32cm x 22cm x 28cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 3.62kg
    • Pallet: 90 cartons/5400 sets
    • Pallet's gross/net weight: 326kg/351kg
    • Pallet's size: 120cm x 100cm x 183cm

Main information about Nanoformula microfiber polish cloth set

Nanoformula cloths are selected for applying with products CleverCLEAN/CleverCOAT and ClevetCLEAN PRO/CleverCOAT PRO lines. Microfiber cloths made from 20% polyamide and 80% polyester. Sizes are 30 x 30cm.

Microfiber terry cloth special to distribute and remove nanoFormula liquid excess. Good absorbent of moisture. The ultra-fine micro fibers, quantity of ones in hundred timed more quantity usual fibers, get to microfiber, covered ones by liquid very good. Also when removing liquid excess by terrycloth, results are an excellent. The terrycloth has enough thickness so that when working it don't scratch coated surface (if without over zeal).

Microfiber polish cloth is special for finishing treatment (polishing) of the surfaces with using our coatings. No piles and stains left. ultra-fine microfibers, whose quantities are hundreds of times higher than the quantity of other materials, permeate micro irregularities of the surface thus polishing thereof.