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Stain additives for CleverCOAT wood premier

  • Retail price in Internet-shop for 100ml Stain Additive bottle (for 3kg canister CleverCOAT wood Premier): €8.11
  • Wholesale prices: beginning from 15 units
  • Retail price in Internet-shop for 50ml Stain Additive bottle (for 1.3kg canister CleverCOAT wood Premier): €5.03
  • Wholesale prices: beginning from 15 units
  • Color additives for CleverCOAT Wood Premier
    • - colors: kiwi, greenstone, sea buckthorn, caraway, coffee, chestnut;
    • - neutral pH;
    • - no solvents or alcohol;
    • - water based;
    • - non-toxic;
    • - permeable/breathable;
    • - UV protected;
    • - easy to apply (add to canister and mix by shaking): 100ml bottle per 3kg canister and 50ml bottle per 1.3kg canister.

Stain additives packing for CleverCOAT wood premier

  • For 3kg and 1.3kg net plastic canisters with CleverCOAT Wood Premier:
  • for 3kg net canisters:
    • Carton: 15 bottles
    • Carton size: 16cm х 21cm х 13cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 1.84kg
    • 8 cartons (120 bottles) packed into big carton: 44cm x 32cm x 30cm, gross weight 15.4kg
  • for 1.3kg net canisters:
    • Carton: 15 bottles
    • Carton size: 16cm х 21cm х 13cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 1.07kg
    • 8 cartons (120 bottles) packed into big carton: 44cm x 32cm x 30cm, gross weight 9.0kg


The colors range of stain additives for CleverCOAT wood premier – it is colors collection specially designed for the external coloring of coniferous wood and soft wood. They were designed taking into account the features of the environment where CleverCOAT wood protective coating will be used - on exterior wooden surfaces. When designing the colors of the stain additives for external wooden surfaces take into account their lightfastness and weather resistance, visual perception, the compatibility of preparation color combinations, compatibility between colors and combination with other natural materials.

There are examined, time-tested, relevant colors for wood in color palette. All stain additives have natural tint, an excellent emphasize natural structure, aesthetics of the wood and tempered with natural materials – stone, sand, concrete and ceramic. The colors presented in the palette are soft, muffled, and warm. They generate harmony and peace.

When using stain additives for hard wood, the resulting tinting may differ from the colors presented in the catalog. It is recommended to pre-test on small wooden surface to obtain realistic result.

  • Colorless protective coating without stain additive Colorless protective coating
  • After treating a wooden surface with a colorless CleverCOAT wood premier, surface can obtain an yellowish tint, which disappear after three or four weeks. Surface keeps initial texture of wood, pure lines and naturalness.

The brown stain additives are represented by four colors: Sea buckthorn, Coffee, Caraway seeds, Chestnut.

  • Stain additive: chestnut Chestnut additive for CleverCOATwood premier
  • Chestnut stain additive - brown with a slight presence of grayish-green. Gray with color of the tree trunk bring back memories about fireplace and the house therefore is associated with ideas about comfort.
  • Stain additive: coffee Stain additive: coffee
  • Coffee - the most popular stain additive in the presented color palette. Soothing color symbolizes comfort, rest and stability, traditionally used for painting outdoor wooden surfaces.
  • This color evokes a sense of naturalness and naturality of environment.
  • Stain additive: caraway Caraway stain additive
  • Caraway – variant of brown with a slight reddish halftone, noble color, velvety and deep. Coated with this color wooden surfaces look very stylish, thorough and reliable.
  • In the outdoor decor, this color is basis for a palette of natural (native) colors.
  • Stain additive: sea buckthorn Sea buckthorn stain additive
  • Sea buckthorn - the brightest color from the brown gamut, life-affirming, optimistic, sunny color. Using of this additive adds a creative accent to the environment and uplifts the mood.

Green additives are represented by two colors - Kiwi and Greenstone

  • Stain additive: greenstone Greenstone stain additive
  • Greenstone – deep green and appeasement color, symbolizes wisdom and calmness.
  • It harmoniously fills and updates the surrounding space.
  • It goes well with other colors of the outdoor exterior palette.
  • Stain additive: kiwi Kiwi stain additive
  • Kiwi is light green stain additive forms enthusiastic color of young greenery, refreshes and balances the space and perfectly outdoor blends with garden plants.
  • It goes well with other colors of the created exterior colors palette.

Stain additives designed for the CleverCOAT wood premier. They easily mixed with premier and colored CleverCOAT wood premier evenly applied to the surface. CleverCOAT wood finish boosts color. It becomes more saturated, velvety and deep. Wooden surfaces coated with stain additive are silky, pleasant to the touch and sensing.

Range of stain additives indicated on our website and printed on the label may differ from the original color on the wooden surface because color perception is influenced many other factors: such as wood structure, gloss and lighting. These factors must be considered when choosing a color. All pictures taken on painted pine. When coating other types of wood, the resulting color may have a difference. To be sure that the color is suitable and the desired shade is achieved, you always need to pre-test the protective coating with a coloring additive on a small surface area.

Keep the stain additive in closed packing. Avoid freezing of the product during storage. Storage time 2 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle).