Car.Glass set


All season, waterless product for car window glass and headlights

Better glass optical properties and safer driving. Treated surfaces are self-cleaning, water and dirt repellent.

Easily coated and polished, the created protective layer prevents strong glaciation on glass in winter. Treated surfaces are water and dirt repellent.

Protective layer consists of polymer included the nano particles which reliable protects painted surfaces. Both: liquid product and layer don’t content volatile matter, which may evaporate and nano composition remain along on surface. It is important because nano particles silent epidemic is not enough known yet. So nano particles are always bounded and harmless.

Product features

Pretreatment surface for application Car.Glass

  • To achieve the Car.Glass full effect, surface washing by a suitable detergent is recommended.
  • It is to be followed by distributing the product on the surface by same cloth.
  • When coating by Car.Glass, please follow to user manual.


Consumption: 3g/m2. Usually necessary 11-13g of the product per middle class car;

Last: 2 months for glass with car wipers and up to 6 months for glass without car wipes.



  • Viscous milky liquid, with pleasant odor.
  • Ruggedness and adapted for using in the northern climate and for any season.
  • Applied for cars of any age.
  • Easy coating and polishing.
  • Minor scratches are polished.
  • Neutral to skin.
  • To cover a subcompact car, about a 15 minutes time is required.
  • Consumption for a subcompact car is about 10 – 15 g of the product.
  • We recommend spray small quantity product on to Cloth.Terry and coat with cloth
  • (don't coat the glass inside the car passenger compartment!)
Treated car window glass obtains

Treated car window glass obtains

  • Hydrophobic properties.
  • Self-cleaned due to the "Lotus Effect" - water drops easily roll off the glass surface, taking away dirt, especially when the car is in driving mode.
  • Glass easily cleaned in any season and at any temperature.
  • Special deicing effect in the winter time.
  • Better optical properties are developed due to application of the optically transparent product by filling deficient areas of the treated surface.
  • Safer driving.
  • Dirt particles are easy to remove without water and detergents.
  • Time and labor consumption are minimal.
Packing Car.Glass

Packing of the super hydrophobic ceramic coating Car.Glass

  • Product is packed in a convenient plastic bag, where you will find:
    • Trigger sprayer bottle, 200ml
    • Two 30cm x 30cm cloths set: terry and polish
    • Inlay with user manual
    • Carton's size: 44cm x 32cm х 30cm
    • Carton's gross weight: 9.24kg
    • Pallet: 40 cartons/960 sets
    • Pallet's size: 120cm x 100cm x 175cm
    • Pallet's gross/net weight: 370kg/395kg