CleverCOAT car valeting nano products set



A full set of the nanotech protective polishes includes:

— CleverCOAT for car glass — anti-rain composition with the ability to self-clean surfaces both while driving and under the influence of sunlight.
— CleverCOAT for the car exterior, which protects the car body from scratches, fading and makes the surfaces self-cleaning.
— CleverCOAT for the car interior, providing a safe environment in the vehicle interior.

No special tools are required for polishing and protection, only the supplied cloths. Polishing is fast and convenient, with minimal labour costs.

Expiration date: 3 years from the date of manufacture (on the bottle).

Car nano car polishes are economical, not expensive, and do not pollute the environment. The composition is contained a mixture of oligomers with included nano-dispersed oxides of the metal and silica, which differ depending on the purpose: glass protection, paintwork, plastic, metal, rubber. The polymer base of the products makes it possible to use them at any season of the year.

All car detailed nano protective products are applied with a cloth moistened with polish. Declared consumption of 3 g / m2 with all possible losses.

Increasing consumption results in increased waste, but does not improve surface protection. If the excess applied layer is not removed, the appearance of treated vehicle surfaces will deteriorate.

Application and polishing does not necessary a special equipment and conditions.

It is recommended to store car care products in packaging at a temperature under 30 degrees Celsius, avoiding direct sunlight.

Nano product CleverCOAT for car glass

Long last protective product for car glass and headlights. The composition fills micro scratches and microcracks on glass surfaces. Forms a hydrophobic optically transparent protective coating. Protected and polished car glass are self-cleaned from organic contaminants under the sun's rays and when driving — when water droplets with dirt easily roll off the surface. It makes driving safer at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

Protective polish CleverCOAT for car exterior

Polish for car exterior is intended not only for painted surfaces, but also for plastic, rubber parts, metal. It is easy to apply and gently polished without requiring special conditions and tools.

The protected car exterior effectively resists the effects of aggressive environmental factors: corrosion and abrasives (sand, dirt). Exterior's products easily give cars an advanced look, refresh their colour, visually remove minor scratches on the body paintwork. Car body polish keeps painted body parts in perfect condition for a long time. Time and labour costs are minimal.

The hydrophobic protective layer formed by the exterior product repels dirt while driving. When dirt on the treated body it can be easily removed with a dry or wetted cloth due to the weak adhesion of dirt to paintwork and other surfaces.

Car care nano product CleverCOAT for car interior

Car interior product does not contain volatile substances, is safe, easy to apply, and creates a durable protective nano layer. Aerobic microbes under it die without oxygen. Forming dead moisture areas on the treated hydrophobic surface are difficult and it significantly reduces the risk of spreading infections.

CleverCOAT for car interiors returns gloss to surfaces, extends the service life of interior parts made of plastic, metal and rubber. Protective coatings after polishing prevent the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Small scratches are visually removed.

The product has a long protective effect.

Packing CleverCOAT set

Packing of the car care full nanotech protective set