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NanoFormula factory and Nanotechnology Research Center

NanoFormula is producer and research center of the unique super hydrophobic nano protective coating for many uses. The factory manufactures effective unique super hydrophobic high-quality nano protective coating: for home (DIY) and professional use: super hydrophobic coating for easy cleaning, nano protective polish coating for car. The range of products also is included the nano additives, cleaners and construction chemicals based on nano technology.

All products create almost invisible nano super hydrophobic coating on the surface or inside the materials.

Most from the super hydrophobic coating prepared from liquid polymers (oligomers) with included composition of the nano components. Products do not contain water and have a wide temperature range application from strongly negative to high temperatures.

For example, the upper temperature limit of the super hydrophobic protective nano coating for kitchen is about 300 degrees Celsius, and it used not only as a self-cleaning product, but also as a non-stick coating for easy removing the spilled products from oven plate with only cloth without scrapers and "harsh chemicals". It is appreciated in Canada, where our super hydrophobic nano coating for kitchen voted as the best product in 2015.

At the same time the lower working temperature limit of the super hydrophobic coating can be down to minus 50 degrees Celsius. Especially it is important for nano auto cosmetics usually are limited by temperature about zero. All car drivers know that car cleaning in autumn - winter, winter, and winter-spring seasons are difficult and expensive. Therefore they prefer to wait for the warm season for good car cleaning. For example, the polymer-based cleaners are not only easy solve cleaning problem in cold season, but create super hydrophobic nano protection coating in car exterior. It of course, increases the lifetime of the car and gives satisfaction to car-owner.

There aren’t volatile organic compounds (VOC) in polymer based nano coating or VOC is near a zero. Other words quantity the product painted in surface equal to quantity of the product remained in surface in time. Nothing evaporates. This property, as well as that for forming nano protective coating requires a very small amount of product is reason that consumption 3 g/m2. For example, 100g packing is enough for reliable protection of 33m2 surface. It is also important that inert solid waste like plastic is created during application and accordingly small quantity inert solid waste can be easy disposed in according to local regulation with household solid waste.

The result is not only the decreasing pollution but healthy environment without chemicals around. Even biodegradable cleaning products are less effective than super hydrophobic nano coating. Compare with such chemicals easy-to-clean self-cleaned nano coating or nano protective car polish products necessary consumption in about 100 times less for same area.

The factory also produces super hydrophobic water-based nano protective coating for a wide range of applications. They have a lower working temperature range: between the water freezing point and the top - water boiling point. When applied on surface, water is evaporated and super hydrophobic high molecular weight (or agglomerated) nano coating is created on protected surface.

Super hydrophobic nano coating have typical properties. Self-cleaning under sunlight. "Lotus effect" Self-cleaning property - when a water drops roll away from surface carrying a dirt but in same time surface is dry. Polymer based super hydrophobic nano coating also prevents to infection in spite of it is not bactericide. Protects from UV radiation and other useful properties depend from varied compositions of nano powders in coating. Nano powders prepared in the factory.

For understanding roles of the nano components in the super hydrophobic coating their properties and applications description are placed in the section "nano powders". It is informative section is prepared for partners for joint develop of new products, included also super hydrophobic coating. Nano compositions usually made in liquid suspensions where liquid phase is the medium which used by the customer in their production line. As the application of nano powders is very wide, their effect in each case requires clarification: which nano components and what properties final product form. It is always joint efforts of our research center and the customer. In this context, we consider it reasonable always begin work from selecting the nano powders and their compositions for the technological line. We hope that this low-cost innovative solution will be of interest to enterprises to improve their production. We invite paint, construction, electronics, medical enterprises and other industries for cooperation.

Factory Nanoformula super hydrophobic nano coating are exported to more than 50 countries on all continents in the retail and bulk packing. The nano coating are not dangerous and can be transported by any transport. The products are suitable for import, do not require additional certification, such as for detergents. Super hydrophobic nano coating have a long storage time (up to 5 years) without special conditions.

Factory executes special orders and produce special hydrophobic coating lots with customized on one or more languages on the package prepared on Customer’s request. Also, the factory can produce products for customer in special package, starting from 50ml.For partners who prefers own bottling of the hydrophobic coating factory manufacture products in a bulk packages.

Company nanoFormula also offers a low-cost franchise for bottling in retail packing the super hydrophobic nano coating with registered brand names and guaranteed supply by raw materials, monitoring of production and granting exclusive territory rights. Regional franchise owner becomes automatically a nano coating source for all resellers in an exclusive area. Factory stops selling hydrophobic coating in the retail / bulk packaging in that exclusive area and guaranteed supplies only owner of the franchise.