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Technical Data Sheet

CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti (TDS)

Date of generation: 06.01.2021

Professional easy removing graffiti product

Protected / unprotected sand-lime brick after graffiti removal

Protected / unprotected sand-lime brick after graffiti removal

Graffiti – a common form of vandalism - is found on schools, shops, in the stairwells of blocks and flats, and on public transport vehicles and stations. The cost of graffiti removal is huge and there is an increasing demand for products that reduce the substantial costs associated with graffiti removal.

Role of Surface Modifiers in Anti-Graffiti Coatings

An excellent method of easing graffiti removal is the insertion of a barrier coating between the surface and the defacing material, such as paint spray, crayon or marker pen.

Sacrificial coatings which are often based on easily removable surface modifiers - such as waxes - are a type of barrier. After soiling with graffiti, both the wax and graffiti are removed together, sometimes with solvents or more commonly by melting the wax with steam or hot water.

Once the anti-graffiti coatings have been removed, a new barrier coating can be applied again.

CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti has been proven to be very effective in the formulation of water-based concentrated sacrificial coatings. This high solid content paraffin wax emulsion includes silicone dioxide nano particles and has the following characteristics:

Characteristics CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti
Emulsion Type Nonionic
% Non Volatile 50
Viscosity, cps <200 (*)
pH 8
Compatible pH Range 1–12

(*) Spindle #2 @ 60 rpm (approx. 23°C)

In addition, CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti

  • APEO and solvent- free.
  • Odorless.
  • Has small particle size with a narrow distribution range.
  • Has no influence on the color substrate.
  • Has strong water repellent properties.
  • Is fully transparent after drying.

Guide Formulations

CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti has been formulated into a silicone-based concentrate which can be applied on various surfaces such as concrete, bricks, plasterwork, natural stone, etc. CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti is the major ingredient in the sacrificial layer, the barrier coating can be easily removed by application of hot water at high pressure or by brush with hot water.

Formulation Performance on Concrete

Dilutions of the a.m. product must in any case be provided with an in-can-preservative. The effective amount can be chosen according to the specific data sheets. The compatibility has to be checked.


It can be applied in horizontal and in vertical surfaces and applicable for both outdoor and indoor works. Recommended paint by brush, roll or sprayer. For pour surfaces use base emulsion, for smooth surfaces possible dilution up to 1:0.5 by water. How much dilution becomes clear in practice by testing in small area. Coating in surface becomes transparent after drying. Protected surfaces become hydrophobic.

  • Average consumption is 100g/m2
  • Drying time depends from ambient temperature and surface and may be in range 2-12 hours.

Properties of barrier protective coating

  • It is inert to substrate and fully transparent after drying.
  • Protected surfaces become hydrophobic. Water absorption is reduced in about one hundred fifty times. It allows to the materials of a substrate demonstrate the best application properties.
  • Lasting effect of a barrier coating is not less 4 years. Recommended re-coat coating after this period or after removed graffiti.
  • Working time: 4 years from date of manufacture (in canister) in closed tare. Keep under temperature more 5 °C.

Removing graffiti

Graffiti is removed with barrier film by hot water under pressure or by brush with hot water. After removed barrier coating necessary re-coat that area.

3kg CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti. Bar code: 4742692000789

3kg CleverCOAT PRO anti-graffiti. Bar code: 4742692000789

Additional information about CleverCOAT Pro anti-graffiti


Product is packed in 3kg plastic canisters: Carton: 5 canistersbr
Carton size: 39cm х 28cm х 26cm
Carton’s gross weight: 17.10kg

Pallet: 60 cartons/300 canisters:
Pallet weight net/gross - 1026kg/1051kg
Pallet size: 100cm x 120cm x 175cm

Labels in three languages: English, Estonian, Russian.

Order customized labels is beginning from 500 units min. per product.

Shipping and export information

Non-hazardous for any transportation.
Export HS code: 38249993