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Nanoformula factory

Nanoformula factory

The Nanoformula factory runs ten years ago and located in the village of Voka in Estonia on the shores of the Baltic Sea far from 160 km from Tallinn and St. Petersburg. Small-capacity output with volume not more 20 tons per month. Manufacturing is environmentally friendly. The factory has a laboratory for output control and new products investigation and designing for our customers.

The company manufactures 32 types of products: home and car care products, anti-graffiti, impregnation for waterproofing and protection from chemicals of the concrete, water repellent for fabric and leather, natural leather recovering cream, long last protective coating for wood, and in this year, we began to produce a disinfectant because of Covid-19.

The factory produces alternative products to standard chemicals used in household, car care and construction. Application of these products allows reduced chemical pollution and, as a result, to do safe and clean environment of the human.

Eco Products description

Treatment of the kitchen in hotel

Treatment of the kitchen in hotel

The consumption of most products is 3 grams per square meter, which is in ten times less compared to input everyday usual chemicals for household and car care. Additionally, the treat surfaces become self-cleaning with last from two weeks to six months. These two characteristics the consumption of chemicals is reduced in 115 times and accordingly the pollution of the environment, air and water bodies are reduced. For example, 20 tons of Nanoformula products per month can replace 2000 tons of everyday chemicals. Additionally, in this case, the waste will not be aqueous salt, acid or alkaline solutions that easily penetrate through the sewer into the water circuit, they are neutral solid mass are disposed of with solid waste.

The coatings have self-cleaning effect after application and allow reducing cost of operating compare with cleaning costs with even the cheapest chemicals for a same purpose at least in four times. Self- cleaned surfaces do not need to be often re-cleaned long time as compared with usual chemicals for the entire duration of their protective action while for surfaces treated with usual chemicals necessary re-treatment is necessary.

The protective properties of self-cleaning coatings are determined by the composition of particles in the nano-dispersed range, which are prepared at the factory. Due to the specific surface area from 20 to 200 m2 / g — a small concentration of particles in the products is enough to cover continuously the entire surface with them however particles in nano-dispersed range are not visible.

Wooden surface protected with home interior product

Wooden surface protected with home interior product

The Nanoformula products used in construction, maintenance of buildings and structures, and wood protection have about similar effect. For example, when applying anti-graffiti, there is no need to use hazardous chemicals to remove dirty pictures from damaged surfaces. Enough hot water or steam to remove graffiti. The protective last for treat area is at least 4 years.

The coatings have a protective self-cleaning effect after application. This also determines the low cost of operating costs in comparison with the cheapest chemicals for this purpose at least four times. Surfaces with self-cleaning protective coatings do not need to be re-treated with chemicals for the entire duration of their protective action. While for surfaces treated with chemicals, re-treatment is necessary.

As products are designed for DIY and professional use, we are glad to see and invite visitors who are looking for products in our online store for the home and also professionals of the cleaning companies. We are attentive to businessmen, trade organizations wishing to work with Nanoformula products.

Working style with partners and supplying them

Mosque before treatment with concrete impregnation

Mosque before treatment with concrete impregnation

We execute orders always in time and correctly. We can produce products in packaging from 30ml to 5 liters, with special labels in the language of the country where they will be sold, in packaging at the request of the wholesale buyer (including his own tare). We can prepare products with special labels. If necessary, we develop the design too.

We produce products not only in retail packing, but also in bulk packaging. Most often these are canisters with volume of 20 – 25 kg.

Base of delivery is FCA our warehouse terms (located at the same address as the factory) or with delivery of goods to the consumer anywhere in the world. All products, except for the disinfectant, are not hazardous for transportation and can be delivered by air, sea or land without restriction. All products with an expiration date from two to five years.

Mosque after protection with impregnation for concrete

Mosque after protection with impregnation for concrete

The factory has already shipped goods to Australia and Canada, to United States of America and China, of course, to most of the European Union countries, to the countries of Northern Europe, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. We are always glad to companies that wish to open representation of Nanoformula in their region. We try to offer clear, acceptable and simple working conditions that allow the partner to develop their business. We supply the necessary goods on time, observe the partner's rights to the territory, fixed in the contract.

We are also glad when our products are not only resold, but also find application in the new areas. For example, a partner in Lebanon used a protective concrete coating to cover mosque domes. Another partner in Saudi Arabia used a textile water repellent for protection carpet in mosques, which average 400 square meters in each mosque. We are delighted when our wood impregnation is successfully applied in the Netherlands, and car products are used in Australia and China. We are delighted when more and more home associations in Estonia choose our anti-graffiti to safely protect their homes from unwanted drawings. When chemical terminals choose our concrete impregnation as the cheapest way for chemical corrosion protection for concrete structures and warehouses. We are grateful to the consumers of our disinfectants, who have evaluated the effectiveness of the product produced according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, especially when ordered together with products for home interiors and car dealerships that counteract the spread of infection on protected surfaces.


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Nanoformula LTD Reg. No.10045133,
4 Narva mnt., Voka, 41701, Estonia

Email: info@nanoformula.eu
Phone: +372(39)71305

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