Nanotech surface protection products and nanomaterials by Nanoformula factory

Nanotech surface protection products indicated in site are produced only by Nanoformula factory

Our nanotech surface protection products possess novelty compare with analogs and designed by factory specialists. All surface protection products for household, car care and building are general-purpose. Apply them for residential use, car care, for house and professional cleaning are economically sound and justified. As opposed to usual chemicals the nanotech surface protection products are safe in using, don’t comprise harmful waste, basically reduce in 100 times consumption the chemicals when using for same application.

There are detailed description, video/photos, user manual, safety data sheet, minimal order lot for wholesale purchases in each page of the nanotech surface protection product for household, car care and building protection. Additionally visitor can order on-line the goods from page in our Internet shop or order information about wholesale price by email.

Nanotech surface protection products for household

Household nanotech surface protection products

Household surface protection products are easy to clean protective coating for professional and house application. Nanotech surface protection products forming in surface invisible protective coating. Surface obtains self-cleaned, super hydrophobic and dirt repellent properties which more effective for cleaning compare with cleaning with strong chemicals or using scraper and so on. In some cases nanotech products create protection coating with specific parameters. For example, surface protection coatings for kitchen have anti-stick property. Cleaning the protected surfaces is very easy by cloth or wet by water cloth without chemicals or scrapers during lasting protection time. It is important advantage of our easy to clean protective coatings.

The consumption of these surface protection products is not more 3g/m2. Additionally nanotech coatings have long lasting easy to clean and self-cleaned effect. It is reason that cost for cleaning with Nanoformula nanotech surface protection products is in about 8 times cheaper than usual cleaning chemicals. In same time 100ml of the nanotech products can replace about 10 L usual chemicals. It is important advantage of Nanoformula nanotech surface protection products.More >>

Nanotech surface protection products for car care

Car care nanotech surface protection products

Car care nanotech surface protection products belong to two groups: nano protection super hydrophobic car polish products for car exterior, car glass, car interior and cleaners with long nano protection effects after car waterless wash. Depend from application each product has specific composition of the nanotech materials.More >>

Surface protection products create safe but enough durable protection coatings without forming whitish stains or peeling coatings. It is often forms when use chemicals based on nano silica oxide or some nano silica products both in alcohol and water. All polish and surface protection products are easy coat and polishing. They easy burnish and back the car an excellent appearance.

Protection and recovering textile and leather
Textile and leather protectors

Water based spray CleverCOAT for textile for super hydrophobic protection of the textile and leather in home and car interior for textile, upholstery to protect from dirty liquids: water and oil. Product also can be applied for leather, paper, stone and in no painted wood for super hydrophobic protection. Product is DIY and easy application. Necessary only wet surface by spraying and wait full dry.More >>

Natural CleverCOAT Cream/Conditioner

factory produce natural CleverCOAT Cream/Conditioner for recovering leather. CleverCOAT Cream is premium leather care product based on barrier nano protection. It is prepared from emulsified natural oils included nano particles of the clay. Cream is designed for nano guard and restores leather.More >>

Nanotech surface protection products for buildings and constructions
Buildings nanotech surface protection products

Constructions nanotech surface protection products are designed for any building surfaces included mineral materials. These products also create nano coatings in surface or inside material without changing appearance.

Building nanotech surface protection products have an excellent fluidity. They easy penetrate into mineral material (for example, concrete) and create invisible waterproof layer with long lasting effect (up to 10 years). protective layer inside material doesn’t close the pores. Building material “is respiring”. Pores building materials after surface protection with nanotech products have condition “dry materials” and don’t depend from weather all the year round.

Very important that building nanotech products create not only super hydrophobic coating but in same time also inert to most aggressive chemicals coating. Nanotech surface protection products with this property widely using as anti-corrosive coating for concrete in wide range of the chemical terminals, fertilizer terminals, chemical plants and for other applications where operated with strong aggressive chemicals (both dry and liquid state).

Factory also produces nanotech surface protection coating for painted metal (for example, sandwich panel) and plastic. There are low cost nano materials used in such nanotech surface protection products composition and therefore they acceptable for wide application.

Moreover factory produces one more building application nanotech additive for oils, oil paints, boiled oils. Additive serious improves UV and water resistant of the painted surfaces. It is serious make better properties of the consumer goods. Paint producers rate this additive very high and widely use it in own producing lines.More >>

Hydrophobic wood protectorHydrophobic wood protector

CleverCOAT wood is a two-component, all season water repellent product for the protection of all types (unpainted by polymer paints) of natural wood, plywood, chipboard etc.

It is designed for protection of decks, terraces, wooden constructions, houses, cladding, fences, facades, garden furniture, saunas, flower pots, greenhouses etc.

It is a non-toxic, water-based protective coating prepared using nanotechnology and natural dyes. The main nano component is silica which penetrates into the wood and forms a durable permeable/breathable protective coating. The protective properties continue increasing after application and reach a maximum level in about a year. Protected surfaces effectively resist fungi, rot, algae, spores, ultraviolet irradiation, weathering, cracking etc. and damage caused by water ingress. The coating is harmless to animals and the environment but it provides good resistance to harmful insects etc.More >>

Microfibers for nanotech surface protection productsMicrofiber Cloths for nanotech surface protection products

Factory offers microfiber cloths as accessory to nanotech surface protection products. We are not producing the cloths. However these fabrics defined as best variant after careful testing and choosing from wide range types of the microfiber cloths. In these product pages we indicate the cloths composition so that partner can find if need same goods in local market.More >>

Nano materials for surface protection productsNanomaterials for nanotech surface protection products

At last we place in this site information about application nano dispersed powders. Factory produces nano powders. However they are not included in list for sell.More >>

Published information mean for technologist for understanding where definite nano material can be used in own produced lines. Factory already has experience joint work for designing new nanotech surface protection products with partners. We open for such collaboration!