Textile hydrophobic protector and leather recovering cream

Hydrophobic spray protector and leather natural cream conditioner

Compare protected/unprotected felt with CleverCOAT for textile

CleverCOAT for textile and leather

Water based spray CleverCOAT for textile was designed in 2010 for super hydrophobic protection of the textile and leather in home and car interior for textile, upholstery to protect from dirty liquids: water and oil. Product also can be applied for leather, paper, stone and in no painted wood for super hydrophobic protection. Product is DIY and easy application. Necessary only wet surface by spraying and wait full dry.
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CleverCOAT cream/conditioner for leather recovering

CleverCOAT cream/conditioner for leather recovering

Natural CleverCOAT Leather Cream with nano effects. CleverCOAT Cream is premium leather care product based on barrier nano protection. It is prepared from emulsified natural oils included nano particles of the clay. It made without harsh chemicals or ingredients that could harm the leather finish.
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