Nanotech car detailing products for exterior, interior and glass

Car detailing products

Car detailing products by Nanoformula factory was designed for exterior, interior, glass, waterless car wash with nanotech self-cleaned super hydrophobic effects, auto upholstery protector, recovered and protected cream for car leather.

These car detailing products are economical, cheap, Eco-friendly. These virtues describes in details, solution Nanoformula page.

Composition the nanotech polishes included consist oligomers mixture (as base) included formulation of the nanotech materials depend from application: car glass, painted surfaces, plastic, metal and rubber. Polymers are in liquid state under wide range of the outdoor temperature in any season.

All polymer based polishes coat with wet microfiber cloth. Consumption (3g/m2) is included possible losses and distributed as following: 1 g/m2 forms protective coating and 2 g/m2 remains in cloth as waste. Result of increasing consumption is only increase losses because only 1g/m2 product forms protective coating and when excess product doesn’t remove from surface - one’s appearance becomes worse. For products application don’t need special appliances and condition.

Car detailing products for glass

Car detailing products for auto glass and auto lights

Car glass and lights detailing products have long lasting effect. Liquid polymer fills micro scratches and micro cracks in glass. Formed transparent super hydrophobic coatings improve glass optical property. Car detailing products are self-cleaned from organic contamination under sunlight and when car drives water drops roll down from glass. These self-cleaned properties make car drive safer in any season round the year.

Car detailing products for glass block UV radiation and partially prevent to heater auto interior heater in the heat of the day. Lasting effect for car glass detailing product depend from many protective outside and inner factors.
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Car detailing products for exterior protect and shine

Car detailing products for auto exterior

Car exterior protective polishes are designed for painted body and can be used in plastic, rubber parts and metal. Protected surfaces easy and safe polishing, don’t need special condition and appliances. Protected car body with nanotech polishes effectively resists to aggressive outside impacts such as salt corrosion and abrasive like sand, mud. Car detailing products for exterior easy give to automotive an advanced appearance, refresh a color and visually remove the scratches. Car exterior detailing products keep long time painted body in excellent condition long time. The labor inputs and timetable are minimal.

Car detailing products for exterior contain special nano-dispersed composition impeding to abrasion scratching of the painted body when automotive is driving. Super hydrophobic protective coating in car exterior repels the dirt when driving under “lotus effect”. Even if dirt remains in protected exterior it weak stick to body and easy removes by wet cloth.
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Car interior detailing products

Car detailing products for auto interior

Car interior detailing products are without VOC and safe. They easy cover and form strong protective nanotech coating. Under this coating aerobic microbes are killed without access of oxygen. Coating prevents to creating of the dead zone of moisture and accordingly to contagion.

Car detailing products for interior back the shine to painted surfaces extend the longevity of the parts automotive passenger compartment from plastic, metal and rubber. Eco friendly car polishes for interior prevent to UV radiation and visually remove micro scratches in car body.

Car interior detailing products form protective coatings with long lasting effect. They also can be used as anti- freezing agent for car locks.
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Factory additionally produces for car interior spray-protector for auto upholstery and nano cream for recovering car leather.

Car detailing products for textile create super hydrophobic layer inside upholstery without changing appearance, texture and prevent to penetration water or dirt into material. This spray is applicable not only for textile and also for water-absorbing leather (for example, suede). Leather is protected by same way as for textile.
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Car detailing nanotech protective cream designed for smooth leather. Cream prepared from natural components. It also penetrates into material and protects the leather long time. This car detailing product make the leather elastic, wear proof, refresh it.
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Waterless car wash detailing products
Car detailing products for waterless wash with nanotech protective effects

Car wash detailing products designed for auto body, glass, wheel disks and other parts of the exterior. They create waterproof coating in car exterior after washing. These cleaners “three in one”: cleaning, nanotech protection and polishing.

Nanoformula car waterless cleaners don’t pollute environment. Waste is cloth with inert polymer salvaged with other solid matter.

With car wash detailing products automotive always looks spotlessly clean in any place, in any time, in all season. Nanoformula cleaners are an excellent DIY possibility to keep the car in an excellent condition and save money and time.
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