Eco-friendly products for house cleaning and effective car care

Nanoformula Eco-friendly products

Based on for easy cleaning

Every hostess and homeowner tries the best to give a home a perfect look. The question is how it’s achieved and what means are used to complete this goal. Nanoformula Company has developed solution for easy house cleaning and car care, it saves a huge amount of time and decreases the amount of harmful chemicals used in household.

Composition of Nanoformula protective coatings

Hydrophobic nano protective coatings

Eco friendly products made with using nano technology. They are mixture of the liquid organic polymers (oligomers) included nano-particles.

Liquid stays intact for a long time (up to 5 years) if not being exposed to air. Eco friendly products for house cleaning and car care have an excellent fluidity and can distribute on a surface by a very thin layer. House cleaning products and car care products have two important properties: an excellent adhere to wide range of the surfaces and forming almost invisible protective coating. Coated with Nanoformula Eco-friendly products a surface doesn’t change and even improve appearance. Liquid remedies the surface’s defects by filling micro cracks and splits (for example: in painted surfaces, in glass and in plastics during car care with Nanoformula Eco-friendly products).

Nano materials made by special nano technology included into Eco-friendly products cover the area by continuous invisible nano coating because they have an extremely large specific surface from 20m2/g to 200m2/g. Even small concentration of the nano-particles is enough for full covering area with continuous nano layer.

Nanoformula Eco-friendly products have not volatile organic compound (VOC) surfaces and hold the nano components tight inside its structure. Nano-materials cannot be separated from mixture oligomers. It guarantees that nano-sized particles do not get “loose” and incur to human organism and harm our health and surrounding environment. We think that this is one of the most important qualities, as this is not studied thoroughly yet.

Extremely low consumption nano protective coatings

Extremely low consumption

We pay attention to a small consumption of Nanoformula Eco-friendly products. In average it is 3 grams per square meter. Product quantity for creating protective nano coating in surface is almost same – 1g/m2. It is not depending from initial quantity of the Eco-friendly product. When increase initial quantity necessary only remove more quantity of the Eco-friendly product from surface to have results without improving cleaning and protective effect. So consumption 3g/m2 is optimal and included possible losses of the Eco-friendly products for house cleaning and car care. . Thus it is enough to wipe the surface with damped by Eco-friendly products cloth to have an excellent result.

Nanoformula self-cleaning protection

Purification effect

Using usual house cleaning or car care products gives only clean looks in a short nano technology period of time. Although the dirt is removed from the surface, the backward process begins almost immediately (dirt and pollution start to gather on the surface again), over a period it needs to be cleaned again with chemical products.

Nanoformula Eco-friendly products create in surface water- and grease repellent nano coating. Treated area obtains self-cleaned properties don’t allow the dirt strong stick to surface. The dirt is easy cleaned with dry or wet cloth (even when dirt is burnt in oven plate). More example of the car care with waterless nano technology effect cleaner Car.Cleaner Universal not only returns to surfaces an excellent appearance but creates in car exterior (included car glass) grease and water resistant invisible nano protective coating. Treated with this Eco-friendly product car self-cleans during driving or can be easy cleaned by wet wipes with water or with high pressure water without chemicals.

Using Nanoformula economical effect
Much cheaper usual housekeeping chemicals and auto cosmetics

Products manufactured by Nanoformula factory with nano technology traditionally are perceived as exclusive goods. However it is not so. Eco friendly products for house cleaning and car care belong to economical class goods.

Kitchen household chemical price is near 2.00EUR/500ml packing. There is price for kitchen Eco-friendly 200ml product set is 10.97EUR. Really the last price is in about 5 times cheaper.

However simple calculation shows that usual chemical consumption for daily cleaning kitchen oven plate with surface area is about 1m2 is about 25ml and year consumption calculated as:
365 [days] x 25[ml]/500[ml] x 2.00 [EUR]=36.50EUR/year.

Calculation for Nanoformula Eco-friendly kitchen products looks as following:
365[days]/14 [days – lasting self-cleaned effect] x 3[ml]/200[ml] x 10.97[EUR] = 4.29EUR/year.

Care and cleaning with common cleaner:
365 days x [(25 ml / 500 ml) x 2€] = 36,5 € in a year

Care and cleaning with Nanoformula factory product Home.Kitchen:
(365 days / 14 days – protective layer effective working time) x [(3 ml / 200 ml) x 10 €] = 3,91 € in a year

Thus Nanoformula Eco-friendly products for house cleaning or car care cost in 7-8 times cheaper compare with usual house cleaning/car care chemicals.

Ecological effect of Nanoformula protective coatings
Make living environment much healthier

We consider that the economical difference is not the main issue when using Nanoformula Eco-friendly products. It is more important how much we decrease the amount of chemicals used in our homes.

When look back to previous calculation, we can see that consumption of common “economy class” chemicals at our homes is: 365[days] x 25[ml] = 9125 ml;

compared with Nanoformula factory Eco-friendly products for kitchens:
365[days]/14 [days – lasting self-cleaned effect] x 3[ml]= 78 ml.

In other words, consumption of harmful and not friendly to environment chemicals decreases in 116 times! Even biodegradable household chemicals cannot be competitive with Nanoformula Eco-friendly house cleaning or car care products designed for dirt and grease protection of the surfaces. We think that Nanoformula Eco-friendly products advantages are obvious. It is breakthrough in house cleaning and car care with Nanoformula eco friendly products both for DIY and professional use.

Finally we pay attention that 9 liters of the “economy class” chemicals indicated before for house cleaning or car care probably ends up in sewer and becomes potential threat to surrounding environment. Residues of Nanoformula Eco-friendly products are inert and solid polymers like plastic, which can be utilized as household garbage according to local regulations.