How to become nanoFormula factory partner

For dealers, trade agents, trade partners

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Become a partner. It is easy

If you have gone through the testing stage and decided that nanoFormula is a good business (of which we are sure!), you are ready for partnership.

Please check on this web site if somebody is importing nanoFormula to your country.

If nobody is importing the nanoFormula products to your country, collaboration is possible if you become an importer. If there is at least one importer, you can work as a trade agent (trade partner) purchasing nanoFormula products from the existing importer or otherwise work as a new importer.

In Estonia trade partners, trade agents, and dealers can contact us directly.

We advise to use the following methodology to estimate the amount of nanoFormula products to be imported, A tenth part of households in your region would buy one set of a nanoFormula coating a year. It is somewhat a low estimate; however, it will be nice to see the actual sales being somewhat higher.

The volume of the minimum lot differs in different countries. It is calculated in such a way that transportation and other fees are not more than 10% from the ordered lot amount. Therefore, the minimum lot for the EU countries is considerably smaller than for non EU Countries, because inside the EU transportation and other types of costs are lower.

If an importer reaches an import volume specified in the Contract, we provide a good dealership discount for our products.

Each nanoFormula importer according to it's wishes may indicated on our website as an official trade partner.

We sign a non-exclusive contract for one year, and it can be extended if the parties agree.

If the results of the import are good and the sales meet the estimate indicated above, we can offer exclusive rights for the territory.

This will not in any way prevent us from meeting our obligations under all other contracts for the same territory until those contracts expire. Then we will recommend all importers collaborating with a company or representative that has exclusive rights.

We can send a draft contract to partners outside the EU to study. Please order by email, indicating your company details and contact data.

EU importers can receive a draft contract by contacting our manager in charge of EU importers.

Estonian partners can contact us to have draft contract.