Water-repellent impregnation for porous mineral building materials

Product features

Product features

The factory produces hydrophobic coating VOKA for the protection of porous mineral building materials such as concrete, brick, fibrous materials used in building facades (both open and closed ventilated), structural elements and objects made from the mineral porous materials.

Protected sand-lime brick

Protected sand-lime brick

VOKA water-repellent impregnation is prepared using a mixture of liquid oligomers with included of nano-dispersed silicon dioxide. The liquid is mobile, easily penetrates in to the porous material and quickly spreads on the surface. A 2-3 mm drop spreads to a spot of 20-30 mm in one to two minutes.

The composition is waterless with working temperature range from -40 C to +70 C. It allows using the product at any ambient temperature. An obstacle to the formation of a protective layer can only be clogging of the pores of the material in winter with ice or snow.

Protective coating last is up to 10 years, because of the nano materials in the composition.

Protected brick facade

Protected brick facade

Improving the thermal insulation properties of materials

The product forms a hydrophobic protective nano layer inside the material at a depth of 3-6 mm without closing the pores. Air flows freely into the building material and in the same time moisture is trapped by a water-repellent barrier layer. Gradually, the building material acquires properties characteristic of its dry state with appropriate thermal insulation and performance characteristics. The protected material has these dry state year-round, which depend little on external factors: the amount of atmosphere precipitations, etc. For example, the thermal conductivity of concrete and sand-lime brick after processing is set at 0.2-0.3 W / (m • °C) which is significantly lower than that of untreated bricks.

The absorption index of the protected surfaces for salts (sodium chlorine) approaches 0%.

Protected brick facade

Protected / unprotected concrete flowerpots in 3 years after treatment with VOKA impregnation

Works as anti-fouling agent against flora

An inner hydrophobic barrier layer inside the porous material prevents the fouling with flora such as lichens, moss and others. It repels moisture and thus does not form conditions for their emergence and development.

Concrete samples

Protected / unprotected concrete samples in 1 year after dipping into strong liquid nitrate fertilizer

Chemical corrosion protection

Hydrophobic impregnation VOKA also protects surfaces from the aggressive effect of chemicals and seawater.

The protective layer inside the material prevents interacting the harsh chemicals with the components of porous materials. The barrier water-repellent layer in the protected surfaces is chemically inert and does not react with aggressive substances, which prevents chemical corrosion of concrete by action of strong acids, alkalis, fertilizers (both dry and liquid). This property is successfully used for the protection of porous surfaces in chemical industries, warehouses where chemicals are stored, chemical reloading terminals and enterprises where aggressive substances are used.

Epoxy-based paints are often used for protection concrete from corrosion. In such coatings, when temperatures fluctuate (for example, in Estonia, temperatures fluctuate from positive to negative values more than 50 times a year) and due to the difference in the characteristics of thermal expansion of the coating and concrete the film cracks and can no longer protect the concrete from chemical corrosion. To restore the integrity of the coating, its regular restoration is necessary. The VOKA impregnation eliminates the need for these costly renovations and is guaranteed to protect the material.

Changing the appearance of a surface

The application of hydrophobic impregnation on common concrete does not change the appearance of the surface. However, when dyes and some types of plasticizers are present in concrete (often for decorative purposes), these components can interact with the impregnation polymer and change the appearance of the surface. Concrete products look like wet or like after rain. Therefore, we recommend testing the impregnation on a small area before covering the entire area. This does not affect on the hydrophobic property of the protective layer.

In what cases VOKA “does not work”?

VOKA impregnation is designed only for protection against external influences and is not intended to protect concrete that is constantly underwater. In that case are used other coatings for underwater waterproofing. VOKA also cannot protect against capillary rise of liquid into the material from the ground. For example, in basements. Other technologies are also used if that problem.

Handling, transportation and storage

The product is produced in canisters with a weight of 3 kg and 25 kg with transportation caps. During storage, slight gas evolution is possible, therefore, when with the canisters we attach special caps with a ventilation membrane. For long-term storage of the product it is necessary to replace the transport cap with the vent hole cap as receive the product. Voka shelf life is 5 years from the production date indicated on the canister.

Technical data

Technical data

Silicone-based water-repellent impregnation for the protection of facades and structures from concrete and stone, brickwork, plastered walls, and other porous construction materials.

Do not use on fresh concrete.

The product penetrates into the pores of the material without clogging them. The treated materials retain the best thermal insulation properties. Voka protects surfaces from salts, acids and other hostile environment.

Apply by brush or roller on a dry surface, free from dust, dirt and loose layers at any outside temperature. Consumption: 10-20m2 / kg depending on the material.

The treated surfaces are resistant to rain after 2-3 hours.

Complete drying time — 24 hours. Usually one layer is enough. However, if necessary, repeat the painting.

  • Base: silicone
  • Consumption: 50-100g / m2
  • The depth of penetration into the material is 3-6mm
  • Forming time of the coating: 12 hours
  • Drying time: 24 hours
  • Fire hazard: E
  • Application temperature: unlimited - any outside conditions
  • Maximum surface temperature: 70 С
  • Minimum surface temperature: -30 С
  • Effective coating time: 10 years
  • Volatile content, max.: 5g/L
Packing VOKA

Protective coating VOKA Packing

  • 3kg canister:
  • Carton: 5 x 3kg canisters
  • Carton size: 39cm х 28cm х 26cm
  • Carton gross weight: 16.10kg
  • Pallet: 60 karpi/300 kanistri
  • Pallet weight gross/net: 966kg/991kg;
  • Pallet size: 100cm x 120cm x 175cm;