Bathroom and toilet cleaning and protection with nanotech products

Bathroom and toilet are most frequent usable places in home therefore become dirty and claim regular cleaning. Many products for toilet and bathroom cleaning are offered in market but, unfortunately all from them have in composition dangerous, detrimental to health chemicals. Necessary follow to safety precautions during they are applied and storage. Often cleaning products get into the sewerage and pollute environment.

Factory Nanoformula takes into consideration these negative consequences and designs alternative easy to clean protective products for easy cleaning bathroom and toilet. All from them are eco-friendly, economic and have long self-cleaning effect. Bathroom and toilet cleaning nano products was designed to reduce the risk associated with application of the usual household chemical goods.

Description of the nano products for easy cleaning bathroom and toilet

Nanoformula products for toilet and bathroom cleaning are based on nanotechnology. They are designed for wall faced titles, ceramics, chromium-plated surfaces, steel, nonferrous metals, plastic and glass. The products can be applied in glass of the shower stalls.

Nanotech products for bathroom and toilet cleaning are not detergent and are not included abrasives, aggressive chemicals and don’t damage the surfaces. They are prepared from liquid polymers mixture and composition of the nano-dispersed materials. Liquid creates in surfaces invisible nano protective coating is preventing to corrosion in sanitary wares and repels dirt from surfaces. Treated surface obtains long lasting hydrophobic and self-cleaned properties. In protected sanitary ware are reduced forming scale and moisture doesn’t collect in surface long time. It minimizes risk of the contagion, makes better common hygiene after bathroom and toilet cleaning. Easy to clean products for bathroom and toilet prevent to saline spots and efflorescence. Protected surfaces after bathroom or toilet treated obtain perfect condition without daily laborious cleaning.

Nanoformula bathroom and toilet easily cleaning products

Nanoformula produces several bathroom and toilet easily cleaning products. Home.Sanitaryware and CleverCLEAN for bathroom/toilet.They have same compositions and differ only by packing which customers can choice depends from own preference. Professional product CleverCLEAN PRO for ceramics and sanitary ware has more concentration of the nano-dispersed materials. It provides more last in treated surfaces. Professional product designed for enterprises where necessary cleaning the large areas with many of the sanitary equipment. Self-evident advantages are appreciated by cleaning companies’ workers.

Protective and lasting self-cleaning effect of Nanoformula cleaning products for bathroom and toilet

Extremely low consumption 3g/m2 and long lasting effect (2 weeks min) allow reduce the spending for bathroom or toilet cleaning less than 5 times compare with usual cleaning chemicals and reduce pollution with chemicals in home in about 100 times. To have an excellent cleaning result with bathroom or toilet care products - it is necessary only wipe surface with cloth without detergents and cleaners. When self-cleaning effect is weakening necessary only re-coat the surface with product.

Increasing consumption more 3g/m2 doesn’t improve cleaning quality in bathroom and toilet. Coating a product with excess especially without removing a surplus from surface make polishing very hard and impair self-cleaning effect. Therefore as right also for other Nanoformula products – when coat bathroom and toilet cleaning products in surface necessary to follow a rule “less quantity gives better results”.

Product Enough for protection area, m2
100g bottle in box CleverCEAN for bathroom/WC 33
200ml Home.Sanitaryware set 66
450g bottle CleverCLEAN for ceramic and sanitary ware 149

Home.SantaryWare set includes terry microfiber cloth for coating product and remove excess and polish microfiber cloth for final polishing a surface.

CleverCLEAN for bathroom / toilet cleaning and CleverCLEAN PRO for bathroom / toilet cleaningare packed in suitable plastic bottles with “flip top” cap or “cap with plug”. It allows spending products economically and rationally. However for applying these products necessary order additionally terry and polish microfiber cloths in Nanoformula.Microfiber.Cloths set or use own proper microfiber with same structure.

Microfiber cloths are important accessories for Nanoformula bathroom and toilet cleaning products. They are an excellent absorbs the liquid, polish without spots and permit an excellent results.

Easy to clean bathroom cleaning products are justifying own notion. They allow seldom cleaning bathroom and toilet and do it without chemicals and abrasives. For cleaning bathroom and toilet is enough to wipe protected surfaces with cloth. Products composition is inert and don’t content VOC which can be source of offensive odors and allergenic. Applying Nanoformula bathroom and toilet cleaning products are provided freshness and cleanness long time!