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Auto spa Car.Cleaner for dry wash with polishing and nano protection

Many drivers used the technology of dry wash are interested in the possibility of its use in the cold season. Designed for dry wash Nanoformula Car.Cleaner can be used year-round, but truly appreciate all the advantages of this auto spa product possible in cold season, when dry wash product Car.Cleaner only is affordable alternative to traditional auto washing.

Year-round dry wash auto spa product Car.Cleaner is a ready-to-use product and it does not require dilution. It is not contain water and any detergents. Designed for wash Car.Cleaner is safe and same effective for both: summer and winter contaminations.

In winter, the vehicle body, in first of all, is exposed to aggressive action of salt and anti-icing road agents which destroy the paint and it is causing strong corrosion.

Traditional washing with water in winter is also not friendly and not always desirable, since even small amounts of water remain in car exterior when there is insufficient drying of the car, getting into micro-cracks and scratches, with a further deepening of their freezing, water promotes corrosion of the metal. The result appearances in spring when painted surfaces need recovery.

To avoid that requires gentle dry wash with special auto spa product suitable for sub-zero temperatures, because liquid freezing point of Car.Cleaner is approximately about minus fifty degrees Celsius. It allows dry car wash at any outdoor temperature.

Auto spa dry wash product can not only safe remove a dirt, but also creates a protective coating that prevents contact of moisture with the metal, especially in places of scratches and paint damage. Formed protective coating after applying auto spa dry wash product Car.Cleaner reliable coats all car exterior details and easy polished and backs to car exterior an excellent appearance. Auto spa product Car.Cleaner was tested even at minus 22 degrees Celsius with a good result of dry wash and protection of all car exterior surfaces.

Good results are obtained by the dry wash with auto spa product Car.Cleaner, despite the absence of detergent in the composition because it bases on a liquid polymer which an excellent penetrated properties. The liquid easily penetrates through a layer of dirt on the surface and forms a protective coating with super hydrophobic property on the painted surface. It is particularly important for the painted car body during dry wash. Polymer’s layer protects the surface from the damage effect of an abrasive dirt particles and significantly reduces the dirt’s adhere to surface so that dirt easily removes with microfiber cloth from surface. Thus, ingrained dirt, oil, salt and other vehicle pollution are absorbing by liquid of auto spa product and it easily removed during dry wash with a soft terry microfiber cloth without damaging the surface.

As the composition of auto spa product does not contain the detergents respectively no risk of pollution with them the water system. Thereupon the dry wash vehicle can be applied in any place without risk to pollute the environment. During dry wash the liquid polymer coats with microfiber cloths which should shake off from time to time to drop abrasive particles only. In time the polymer in cloth is hardened and forms inert not dangerous for the environment water-insoluble substance.

Recommended used microfiber cloths soak in water or in weak concentration detergent solution during 12 hours before laundering. Not recommended laundered microfiber cloths dry on heating devices.

After dry wash with auto spa Car.Cleaner car exterior super hydrophobic protective coating forms not only on the painted body but also on the glass, rubber, plastic, metal parts. The protective coating is contained wire frame structure nano layer created by nano clay particles. It provides additional protection against abrasion and corrosion of the washed surfaces. Moving car is self-cleaning due to the "lotus effect" - the water drops easy roll down from surface carried the dirt and the protective coating protects the car from corrosion and abrasives. Lasting protective nano effect is about 1 month.

Auto spa Car.Cleaner for dry wash is economic: one bottle is enough for a complete cleaning of the car 3 times, saving 160 liters of water are normally used for car washing.

Car.Cleaner is not only effective auto spa product for dry wash. All cleaned surfaces are polishing an excellent. After dry wash all surfaces quickly and easily polished with microfiber cloth without of equipment and back an excellent appearance.



  • Consumption: 150g per middle class car;
  • Lasting effect in all surfaces: 1 month min.;
  • Keeping time: 3 years from date of manufacture (in packing);
  • Packing of auto spa Car.Cleaner

    Packing of auto spa Car.Cleaner for dry wash

    • 450ml trigger sprayer bottle:
      • 20 bottles in carton;
      • Carton's size: 39cm х 28cm х 26cm
      • Carton's gross weight: 11.68kg
      • Pallet: 60 cartons/1200 bottles
      • Pallet's size: 100cm x 120cm x 171cm
      • Pallet weight net/gross - 701kg/606kg